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The National Model Railroad Association Patronage Programs

Keeping the club running, financially stable, and able to serve as a community asset would not be possible were it not for the generous support of those who may not share the interest in our hobby, but recognize the important role we play in keeping the rich railroading history of Cape Cod alive. It is these people and local businesses who have stepped up with donations of money, equipment and time to keep our club running smoothly and it is their support which is critical to assisting finalcially disadvantaged members, especially younger ones.

The club offers three levels of patronage and all levels are open to visitors, seasonal residents of Cape Cod, or those willing to support the CCMRRCAM such as Hobby Shops, businesses, or members of other clubs. Supporters hold neither voting rights nor operating credentials at modular sessions, although if we are aware of your attendance at a show we are at we will make every effort to get you into the cab! You are invited to join us at special events throughout the year and a donation is made in your name to the National Model Railroad Association.
Welcome to the CCMRRCAM
Supporter ($20 per year)

Contributor ($100+ per year)

Sustainer ($250+ per year)


Membership runs for the calendar year, January-December. The club secretary sends out dues reminders in December to be paid by the end of January. Members who have not paid their dues by the end of February are assessed $15 late fee. All new members remain on probationary status for the first six months of membership, following which full membership is extended by the club.

Our club is committed to ensuring that everyone who wants to can participate in our hobby and that nobody is denied participation on account of financial circumstances.The Club encourages members who are able to do so to add an $5.00 to their annual dues as a donation to our relief fund. In addition, transportation assistance for those without access to a vehicle may also be available. Please send an email in complete confidentialty to president@ccmrrcam.org with a brief outline of the assistance needed, for whom, and the expected duration that support may be needed.