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Off the Telegraph Road...

Here's an Update on that Track Plan
It's time to get all the automated touch button switches installed and so the Control Panel can be colored up a little, make it easy on the eyes of the Dispatcher...

Control Panel 2017

Have a Track Schematic Amyone?
Who originally figured out the idea of track schematics? You know, the map where all the lines are wither straight or diagonal and give little feeling for distance? It's a time honored way of representing a railroad line without having to be bothered by such things as distance, grade or geography. No, a track schematic is concerned primarily with occupancy and switching and the person working the dispatch board needs to easily see and understand the action that is taking place on the iron that he or she controls. We're now building a control panel, in fact an incredibly cool one that has touch toggles through plastic and allows swtich control from the Dispatch Board or from individual cabs. But to make a useful control panel, we still need a good track schematic, and so without further ado, here is one:

Right now the red line signifies the main line, the orange are secondary and sidings and indigo is the secret squirrel route. The schematic itself won't change much unless the tracks themselves move although there is some leeway about whether things come to the right or the left. What can change is the colors of the lines, note that our toggles are two light green toggles, so when you press it, the green light moves from one line to the other to show the open route. This is a pretty good sized file and will be nicely coloured and gussied up for printing but in the meantime, take a look at our Old Colony Line as a Dispatcher would see it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeres The Big E!
Is it really January already? Time for the Amherst Railway Society Big E Show which was a great day out for club members and YMR members alike! Bob, Chris, Sean, Drew, Trish and Conor were on hand, just to name a few people. We met up with our friends from YMR Lowell and set a date to operate modules at the upcoming Greenberg show on March 19 & 20, 2016.

Barnstable County Sheriffs Department Rebuilds CCMRRCAM
November 2015 saw an avalanche of work take place at the Club, as the Barnstable County Sheriffs Department's Community Service Program arrived in West Barnstable to help the club with a number of exterior projects. Renovations by the Barnstable County Sheriff Dept in full swing
For four days, several guests detained at Her Majesty's pleasure, under the guidance of Major Dave Neal and Captain Joe Braight repainted Baggage Car #3802 in authentic New Haven Hunter Green, repaired the sliding doors and built two new staircases. They also took apart the platform between the Baggage Car and the Caboose and completely rebuilt it. Our Caboose roof was repaired and new panels were installed to repair the older rotten ones.

Words cannot fully express our appreciation to Barnstable County Sheriff Jim Cummings, Major Neal, Captain Braight and the members of the Community Service Work Crew who put in so much time and effort on our behalf. The majority of our members are either over the age of 65 or under the age of 15, making capital construction projects challenging.

The arrival of the Sheriff's Department Crew allows us to begin work on our most urgent projects and focus on work getting ready for Spring 2016

YMR Cape Cod Replaces CCC West Barnstable Station Sign
WB Station Signs Old and NewThe first project undertaken by Youth in Model Railroading's Cape Cod Division was to replace the badly worn, dated and distressed station sign on the high-level platform of West Barnstable Station. The sign advertised information about the scenic train that was outdated and members took four weeks to order a new vinyl logo and a metal backing with was primed then decorated with vinyl lettering after which sealant was applied via airbrush. Our thanks to the Cape Cod Central Railroad for inviting us to join the epic Train to Christmastown as well as supporting the CCMRRCAM, YMR and out activities!

Youth In Model Railroading Kicks Off - Wedneday June 17th at 5:30pm
Youth in Model Railroading's newest Division will hold it's inaugural meeting on June 17th, 2015 at the Cape Cod Model Train Club and Museum beginning with pizza at 5:30 pm. The Youth in Model Railroadingclub first explored the possibility of becoming a YMR Division as far back as 2010, but ut wasn't until 2013 that a full scale effort was made and membership followed the year after. However the CCMRRCAM Board realized that no rules or regulations for the new club existed, nor was a Child Protection Policy constrcuted and implemented and there was large scale constrcution taking place on site. The decision was made to postpone the beginning of the club intil 2015 when further policies could be ready and the baggage car would be safe for visitors of all ages. That time has arrived! the first meeting of The Cape Cod Division of Youth in Model Railroading will take place on Wednesday June 17, 2015 at the CCMRRCAM at 2461 Meetinghouse Road, West Barnstable, MA 02668. We'll be getting together and having pizza at 5:30 and our meeting will start at 6:15 and we'll talk about the club and the future! Parents welcome please!

Location of YMR Cape Cod