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Modular Division

Modular Model Railroading (MMR)
An important feature of the club is our commitment to the contruction and operation of 2' x 4' or 2' x 6' dioramas, many with unique Cape Cod scenes replicated, that contain track and Two of our youngest members at the West Barnstable FireFighter's Pancake Breakfastscenery built to a set of specifications that allows the units to be bolted together creating a large show layout.

These modules are set up with two or three tracks in exact locations on the diorama and include standardized connectors that allow for the modules to be bolted together and electrically connected with a minimum of fuss. The remainder of the areas surrounding the module are left up to the individual to model as they see fit, so you might have interconnected modules with completely different themes. Many modules have intricate scenery that connect with the main lines that run through each diorama while others are simply connecting modules designed to lengthen the overall run of the whole display. There are also corner modules allowing the display to run in a circle.

Displayed at a number of events during the year, including Youth in Model Railroading Events, HUB Spring Training in April, National Train Day in West Barnstable inn May, the Brockton Train Show in November and of course the Christmas Pancake Breakfast held at the West Barnstable Fire Station every December! These modules also allow us to connect with other models railroaders at shows and events all over the country. Modular Model Railroading showcases Bob Melpignano's Swamp River Ry is exported to modular railroading!individual skills and provides an excellent opportunity for members to operate their own engines and rolling stock within a venue much larger than could ordinarily exist within one's own home. It allows members with limited space and free time to enjoy and take an active part in the hobby. The CCMRRCAM Modular Layout is in demand at train shows all over New England; of course the transportation Taken with Helicon Focus to bring all elements in to sharp focusand set-up of the MMR while orderly and effective due to the standardization of parts and equipment, is still a lengthy job and requires the commitment and effort of many members. Yet participants will tell you how enjoyable it is to run large trains at shows and interact with the public, answering questions and demonstrating skills. It's a enjoyable and rewarding communal experience to take part in modular railroading and brings great rewards without heavy investments of time, materials of money. Like all parts of model Christmas means Trains!railroading, MMR gives back everything you are willing to put into it and more. Come to the CCMRRCAM and learn about this exciting part of the hobby and use our expertise to help build a module of your own for operation at a show. We offer a module class each year that is a great way to get into the hobby in a small but meaningful way. Check out our Calendar for details about classes.