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The National Model Railroad Association Come and Join The Club!

The CCMRRCAM: One Club Many Faces

Who doesn't love trains? They bring out the little boy (or girl) in all of us; reminding us of forgotton eras where trains were not simply means of communication, they were often the lifeblood of the community, bringing news, mail and visitors to rural communities.

Cape Cod was indeed one of these communities and West Barnstable Village has been served by the rails for over a century. We are proud of of history and incorporate it into our layout to serve as a reminder of all that trains have accomplished in our region.

Beginning in 2012, our club considered our mission and how we might best position ourselves to be a lasting community asset that would thrive into a third generation. We realized that we needed to branch out and to reach to the many individuals who liked model trains but who might find the cost or the apparent barriers to success intimidating. We recognized that we were too old, white and cranky and we needed to diversify and throw open the doors to younger members.

By the end of 2014, the club was ready to move to the next level as the framework for the new layout nears completion. After a period of hibernation, planning and repair, the club welcomes 2015 as a new 503(c)3 non-profit museum offering free classes and has just been awarded a Charter to become the second Chapter of Youth in Model Railroading in Massachusetts. We are actively working with our friends and neighbors at the Cape Cod National Railway Historical Society and the Boy Scouts of America to offer a Railroading Scout Patch in 2015 and we are combining our train show with an outdoor festival in West Barnstable for National Train Day on Saturday May 9th 2015. But perhaps the most important thing we have done during our period of retooling was the decision to become a 100% NMRA Club.

The National Model Railroad AssociationA 100% NMRA Club

The National Model Railroad Association is the educational center of the wonderful hobby of model railroading. If you have ever enjoyed the site of model trains running effortlessly on minature tracks, think kindly of the NMRA, whose volunteers over the decades have spent hours establishing degrees of consistancy and standards. It is these standards that ensure track width, DCC standards, and electrical requirements that protect consumers while simultaneously allowing for profit manufacturers to thrive and develop better products within a standardized market place. In many ways the NMRA acts as a guide and referee, independent of outside sway or motivated by profit, it focuses on what is best for the hobby. As often as not, this involves association with exceedingly boring, uninteresting, but still completely essential commitees. Or weeks of arcane research on a subject such as Railroad Signalling in the 1950's. Either way, we are grateful and supportive of the efforts of the NMRA and it's volunteers. But the answer is still no, we will not sit on a technical committee...

The second, and much glitzier aspect of the NMRA is the educational leadership that the organization has developed.



We welcome new members and pride ourselves upon being one of the most affordable and member-friendly clubs in New England. We offer a varied set of membership options that encourages people to join and support the club in the capacity that they are best able. Being that Cape Cod is a diverse area with a number of transient guests, we welcome members who live locally as well as those who live seasonally. We consider ourself a family friendly club and make it affordable for young people to join the club and participate and acquire skills to help them improve their own layouts or that of the club.

We encourage you to stop by our home one Thursday night, please check our Calendar pages for the most up to date information and come to the Village of West Barnstable where you will find us across from the West Barnstable Train Station and behind the Village Store. We run DCC and DC via the Lenz Digital Command Control System using HO Engines owned by our members. You will find a predominance of New Haven apparatus on the CCMRRC layout with a goodly representation of Boston & Maine and other lines finding their way onto the tracks. Stopping by gives you the opportunity to meet club members and see how we operate our layout or perhaps consider taking a class designed to introduce you to the skills of the hobby.

Membership Classes:

Membership runs for the calendar year, January-December. The club secretary sends out dues reminders in December to be paid by the end of January. Members who have not paid their dues by the end of February are assessed $15 late fee. All new members remain on probationary status for the first six months of membership, following which full membership is extended by the club.

Full Membership ($50 + $44 = $94 per year) - Open to all model railroaders over the age of 18. Full Membership includes voting rights at meetings and full display and operating credentials during modular sessions. Also included is the cost of your National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) Membership,a copy of "The Coupler" the newsletter for the NMRA North Eastern Region (NER) and membership in the HUB Division of the NER. Your membership stretches from the national level right down to local participation with educational opportunities for hobbyists of all ages. All classes are free of charge to members

Junior Membership ($25 +$10 = $35 per year) - Open to those under age 18 with the same privileges as full members except for voting rights on CCMRRCAM affairs. Also included is NMRA Membership, a copy of the NER publication "The Coupler", membership in the HUB Division of the NER. Also important and included: all Junior Members are automatically members of the Cape Cod Youth in Model Railroading Division and are included for all YMR Events.

Family Membership ($25 + $9 = $34 per year) - Open to husbands, wives,, and significant others of members.

Our club is committed to ensuring that everyone who wants to can participate in our hobby and that nobody is denied participation on account of financial circumstances.The Club encourages members who are able to do so to add an $5.00 to their annual dues as a donation to our relief fund. In addition, transportation assistance for those without access to a vehicle may also be available. Please send an email in complete confidentialty to president@ccmrrcam.org with a brief outline of the assistance needed, for whom, and the expected duration that support may be needed.

Patronage Programs:

As one of the very few completely free attractions for kids on Cape Cod, we are unable to fully cover our operating expenses without the support of patrons who recognize the vital contribution the club makes to the quality of life for the residents and visitors of this island, so soaked in railroading history. From donations of change and small bills from club visitors to gifts of annual support, our supporters are often less fans of trains but great fans of our central mission: to present opportunities in our hobby for kids.

So thank you sincerely for your consideration of support for the Cape Cod Model RR Club and Museum. All Patronage Program levels of support are governed by our status as a 501(c)3 organization and tax letters are gratefully supplied.

Supporter ($5-99) - This is a wonderful way to support the CCMRRCAM and Youth in Model Railroading and we will keep you abreast of our activities via our bi-annual email newsletter.

Patron ($100+) - Individuals

Corporate Donor ($500) - This is a wonderful way to support the CCMRRCAM and Youth in Model Railroading and we will ke