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Youth in Model Railroading

The Cape Cod Division of Youth in Model Railroading

M O D U L E B U I L D I N G !
Sundays - Feb 14, 21, 28, March 6 & 13. 12pm - 3pm

The Greenberg Train Show
Modular Railroading with YMR Lowell
Saturday and Sunday March 19 & 20

In the summer of 2014, the Cape Cod Model Railroad Club & Museum was announced as the newest division of Youth in Model Railroading (YMR), the only National Organization designed to bring youth into the greatest hobby in the world.

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Founded in October 1994 with a unique Youth Clinic at a train show in Boulder Colorado, was the brainchild of several Colorado model railroaders who recognized the lack of opportunity for young hobbyists. The immediate success of the clinic and the list of interested participants quickly saw an one-off event move toward becoming a formal club in Denver, CO. It was resolved to create an organization that was aimed "Exclusively For Kids" to bring them into the hobby, build self-esteem, and develop and encourage skills that would stay with them and create another generation of model railroaders.

The second Division was soonafter chartered in Pikes Peak, CO, which enjoys a particularly distinguished narrow-gauge railroading history; their success attracted the attention of well-known professional modeler and layout builder Stephen Lamb of Lowell, Massachusetts. Lowell enjoys a rich railroad history in its own right, being a major hub for the Boston and Maine Railroad and with the support of his wife Kim and underwriting from his firm, Steven Lamb Associates, YMR suddenly reached the East Coast with the new Lowell Division.

With three thriving Divisions making a regular and steady presence at large national and regional train shows, YMR began to attract attention from lke-minded people looking to expand the reach of a great hobby. In 2011, a group led by John Skiba were granted a Charter to become the YMR Longhorn Division based out of Fort Worth, TX.

In 2012, The Cape Cod Model Railroad Club and Museum began investigating the potential of creating a youth program that would be accesible to youth ages 8-18 and held in a safe environment. Many proposals were considered including partnering with local civic groups however ultimately we realized that our club is the logical place for meetings or clinics, and that Youth in Model Railroading has created a program that shared many of our own goals. A large attraction lay in the success and enthusiasm of the YMR Lowell Division as well as the appeal of joining a small but growing National Organization. An application for a charter was made in 2013 and granted in 2014; the new Cape Cod Division became the fifth YMR Division and the second in Massachusetts.

YMR and Youth Protection ~ Making a Local Contribution Nationally

When a new Charter is granted by Youth in Model Railroading, it is customary to undertake an assignment that might reflect upon the willingness of the new Division to add to the knowledge base of the other Divisions. One of the great advantages of YMR is our ability to use and re-use those items that other Divisions discover are succesful. Like the Railroads of yesteryear, we can pool resources to produce newsletters, link modules together, or, in our case, work to create a Youth Protection Policy that may easily and quickly be adapted for other Divisions.

Youth Protection is everybody's responsibility and it having a policy in place is essential for any organization that has programs for youth under the age of 18. Our Youth Protection Policy is adapted from the policy developed by the Boy Scouts of America and requires background checks for YMR volunteers, two-deep Adult Leadership,manditory reporting, and prohibits elements such as one-on-one contact between Adult Leaders and Youth, hazing, any forms of secrecy, innappropriate use of cameras, and bullying. Please take the time to read and understand this important policy, whether you are a parent or volunteer, all actions of The Cape Cod Division of YMR are governed by this policy.

Please click here to view our Youth Protection Policy.